Fan Sites

Camelot Vault - the longest running fan-based Dark Age of Camelot Website. Great message boards.
  Camelot Stratics - another long-time Camelot site. Good basic game information.
Camelot Warcry - A great general news and information site.
   A good general purpose Camelot fansite.
Allakhazam's Magical Realm - A great site for news, analysis, message boards, and everything else Camelot-related.
  News, information and message boards.
  News, information and message boards.
Features daily news, strategy guides, quest & equipment listings, searchable databases of weapons and armor, and general information on classes, races, and lots more.
Continuing in a tradition of the highest quality game information, Casters Realm puts detailed spell, combat, npc and item information at your
Supporting fans of Camelot by providing the communitywith guides, maps, files, forums, news, and more.
Dark Age of Camelot Tradeskills. A great place to go for anyone interesting in creating weapons, armor, and other objects in the game.
Website of Terese Nielsen, artist who drew the images that became the backbone of the Camelot advertising campaign, and splash screen.

Fan Sites

DAOC Catacombs

Grail Brotherhood

Class Guides

Camelot Outpost

Classes of Camelot
Bards of Camelot
Camelot Castle
Sons of the North
Swords of Camelot
Dev Post Compilation
Caster's Realm
Disciples of Aesir
Games Review

Xenogen's DAOC Guide

Player Event Group

Cool Interests Camelot

Foreign Language Sites

Camelot Anzeiger (Ger)
DAOC (Italy)

DAOC (Japan)

Mikogami DAOC (Japan)
DAOC (France)
DAOC (France)

The Camelot Taverne (France)

DAOC (Sweden)




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