Begginers Strategies

Scout  Sniper  Soldier  Demo-Man  Medic

HWGuy  Pyro  Spy  Engineer 

HOT TIP: In any map a good way to get quick points is to quickly choose a class, preferably a scout, and quickly run to the other side and get their flag before they know what's going on. This strategy  has worked very well for me in the past. 

The scout's main advantage is obviously his speed. Because he does not have heavy armor or powerful weapons, he has to rely on his speed. The scouts nail gun can be effective at long-range in taking out sentry guns. Sometimes, the scout is so fast that he can run right by sentry guns without them being able to kill him. The scout has 2 unique abilities: first, he can detect and uncover an enemy spy simply by touching them. Second, he can disarm a demo-man's det-pack by touching it.

The sniper also does not have heavy armor. He does, however, have a very powerful rifle. It takes a lot of skill to effectively use the sniper. Once you press the fire button to activate your red dot, the dot will get brighter and brighter for about 10 seconds. Once the dot is fully charged your gun will do a lot more damage. Much practice is needed in order to become skilled at getting head shots. Often what will happen in a game is that 2 Snipers on opposite sides of the map will basically be playing a one-on-one game. They will constantly be trying to get head shots on each other. The sniper can take out many players with a single shot to the head. Some players, like the HWGuy, have too much armor for a sniper to kill him with one shot unless it's a fully charged shot. Conversely, some players, like the scout, have so little armor that they can be taken out by a sniper with just one shot to anywhere on their body. This is true of the prez in the hunted map.

The soldier has the advantage of being able to rocket-jump. This can be very useful in bypassing the enemies defenses. You can use the rocket-jump to jump up on the enemies loft. Many players use the strategy of setting their sentry gun in a position to defend the ramps which lead up to the second level on 2fort and other maps. You, as a soldier, using the rocket-jump, will have the ability to bypass any such defenses. Also, by rocket-jumping up onto the loft, you can easily kill any Snipers who are up there. Rocket jumping requires you to point your aim at the ground and fire and jump at the same time. You will take some damage but not too much to worry about. 

The demo-man can be effective in almost any role. Defense or offense, it doesn't matter. Use the demo-man's ability to lay pipe bombs as a good defense. Set a group of pipe bombs in a place where you feel you will be most likely to surprise the enemy. Often, if the enemy sees the pipe bombs laying on the ground, he will find some way around them. Also, if he is an engineer, he can throw 
a mirv grenade which the engineer has, and destroy all of your pipe bombs. Pipe bombs are a good way to protect the flag. Especially if the enemy has taking your flag elsewhere and dropped it. On offense the demo-man can be an effective flag carrier because he is faster than some of the other classes of characters such as the soldier or HWGuy while still having much firepower. The demo-man has the unique ability to lay det-packs which are a very large explosive device which operate on a timer of 5, 20, or 50 seconds. This det-pack is specifically useful in other maps besides 2Fort such as well and rock2. These maps have special uses for the det-pack where it can be used to open special passageways that no one else can open. The det-pack, takes five seconds to lay. If you are able to lay the det-pack on the ground in open area it can be effective at killing any enemies that are nearby.

The HWGuy has massive firepower and large amounts of armor. However, he is very slow. The HWGuy is often considered a rookie class. Many people believe that rookies choose this class because they are the least likely to die and it takes the least amount of skill to kill somebody. I do not necessarily agree with this opinion. I consider myself a very good player and I often have use of the HWGuy. In the map 2Fort, the HWGuy does not have any particular advantage. A good strategy may be to have several heavy weapons guys guarding your end of the bridge. Especially if you combine these with a few Snipers.

The Medic is an especially tricky class. Don't expect a large number of kills if you play as a Medic. The Medic is often the most hated class of all. Besides being a good flag runner, the Medic doesn't really do anything except infect others. This is nothing more than a nuisance. It is rarely effective at increasing your score. Many people, such as myself, will simply go to the console and type "kill" in order to start over un-infected and to deny the Medic of a kill. Unless of course there is a Medic on my team that I can get to help. Also, The Medic has poor armor and not much firepower.

The Pyro is a class that seems like a lot of fun but gets old fast. The Pyro's main weapon, the flame thrower, is a rather weak weapon. It takes a long time to kill somebody with this weapon. The Pyro's other weapon which is a rocket launcher that throws flames when it explodes is also, in my opinion, a poor weapon. Both of these weapons are just nuisances similar to the Medic's ability to infect. Being on fire, however, is a very good deterrent to a sniper because the flames block his vision. Even though the flames do not cause that much damage. A good pyro will spray the sniper balconies to suppress their fire while his team advances across the map. 

The spy is, in my opinion, the singularly most difficult class to master. Many people simply use the spy's ability to disguise himself and hope that they can get into the enemies base. There are however much more effective strategies to use when you are a spy. The spy has a very special weapon which is a tranquilizer pistol. If you shoot someone with this gun it will slow them down significantly. This then gives you the ability to either run, or attack. This is a great time to attack with your knife. The spy's knife can be a very powerful weapon especially if you aim at your victims head. The back of the head is the weakest point on any TFC class. A good use for the spy is to get into the enemies base and discover the locations of their sentry guns. An important thing to remember is that you only remain disguised as long as you do not shoot. However, you can still throw grenades. This can be very effective against sentry guns. You can walk right up to the gun and drop a couple of grenades on the ground. It's best if you can do this without being seen because this will usually giveaway the fact that you are a spy. Many people do not realize that when you point your cross hairs at another person it will show you that person's name at the bottom of the screen. This is an important tool in combating spies. Often, when a spy is disguised as the same class as you, your name will appear on the screen. A good spy will take a skin that is appropriate to the situation. For example, if the spy wishes to attack a sniper, it may be wise to disguise your self as a sniper. Especially if there are more than one sniper in that position. One important thing to remember is that a spy runs much faster than a HWGuy, and much slower than a scout. So, if you disguise yourself as a HWGuy it may be wise to walk slowly. A spy can be an effective flag carrier because of his tranquilizer gun. He can use this gun to slow down his pursuers. However, the obvious disadvantage is that a spy can no longer be disguised when he is carrying the flag.

The engineer is one of my most favorite classes. However in many maps it is difficult to find a good place to locate your gun. You may need to constantly rebuild your gun over and over again in order to be effective. Most locations for your gun will allow it to be taken out by any number of different characters. You may surprise a few people at first and gain a few kills. But once they know the location of your gun they should have no trouble taking it out next time. One way that you may help this situation, is to locate your ammo and armor dispenser somewhere where you can blow it up when the enemy is near. For instance, if you're sentry gun is up high on a walkway, and the enemy tries to destroy it from below, you may want to place your dispenser on the ground below in order to blow up the enemy when they get near. Or, if the enemy is smart he may destroy your dispenser first. This, can also help you because it will instantly tell you when your dispenser has been destroyed, and you will know that your gun will be attacked next. A good engineer will always use his dispenser and his sentry gun together to guard an area. Sometimes it will be necessary for you to stand guard on your gun. So that you can repair it and restock the ammo. However, if your gun is not seeing much action you may wish to leave it and go attack the other side. The engineer's special EMP grenades are very powerful. Their damage is reletive to how much ammo is in the blast area. Pyros should head the other way when the see an engineer throwing EMP grenades. The huge amount of "flame fuel" the pyro carries makes them easy kills for an EMP. Also EMPs are good at clearing enemy demo-man pipe traps.


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