Here is a small collection of screenshots I have collected while playing Half-Life TFC or the CounterStrike and Science and Industry mods.

A careless sniper gets splattered....look at that head roll!

4 sentry guns side by side, this actually happened in a public server with no pre-planned setup!

My favorite Counter Strike picture ever and probably my most favorite screenshot ever!

Sometimes I like to take an annoying name and go piss people off by really fragging them a lot!

"Building sentry guns is hard work, I think I'll take a nap."

I used to take the handle "QWIGLEE nearly invincible"'s why.

I'm good at not dying much....sometimes I don't die at all.

Another game with no deaths.

Is this some kind of new art form? (from Science & Industry mod)

Exclusive footage of a sniper .0002 seconds after he realized he should duck!

My netgraph nitemare!!!!

Ahhh, the good old days before they fixed the engineer bug....I caused so much havoc!