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List of Installed Option Parts
Chassis and drivetrain components Model #
HPI woven graphite plate chassis HPI #73814
Hot Bodies woven graphite upper deck 2.4mm HB #60103
HPI woven graphite front shock tower HPI #73042
HPI woven graphite rear shock tower HPI #73043
Hot Bodies aluminum front bulkhead HB #60108
Hot Bodies aluminum rear bulkhead HB #60109
HPI rear brace (purple aluminum) HPI #72430
HPI spur gear hub set (purple aluminum) HPI #72429
HPI titanium hinge pin set (purple) HPI #72095
HPI titanium turnbuckle set (purple) HPI #72109
HPI heatsink motor plate (purple aluminum) HPI #72293
HPI middle shaft mount (purple aluminum) HPI #72418
HPI MIP CVD's (purple aluminum) 2 sets HPI #80820
HPI front one-way differential (purple aluminum) HPI #72291
HPI front bulkhead (purple aluminum) HPI #72400
Hot Bodies motor mount post (purple aluminum) Hot Bodies #60112
Hot Bodies graphite bumper support Hot Bodies #60113
HPI carbon graphite rear bulkhead set HPI #73452
HPI threaded aluminum shocks (2 sets) HPI #72170
HPI aluminum spring perch (purple) HPI #72422
RPM Racing purple rod ends 4-40 RPM Racing #73378
RPM Racing long shank purple rod ends 4-40 RPM Racing #73398
Hardcore Racing servo/transponder mount (purple aluminum) Hardcore #02213
Hammad Ghuman alloy purple hex wheel hub HG #8110
Speed Control Model #
Novak Fusion speed control - dual profile - 12 turn motorlimit Novak #1970
Screws, nuts and washers Model #
HPI aluminum thin lock nut 3mm (purple, used in various spots) HPI #Z675
HPI aluminum thin lock nut 4mm (purple thin wheel nuts) HPI #Z678
HPI aluminum flanged lock nut 4mm (standard purple wheel nut) HPI #Z679
HPI aluminum cone washers (purple) HPI #72063
HPI aluminum 4.7m ball (purple - large, for shocks) HPI #A783
HPI aluminum 4-40 ball (purple - small, for linkages) HPI #Z137
Previous chassis pics:
Older chassis pics:

Early pic of my Pro 3 with RX on the left side crammed next to the ESC on the tiny sides of the HPI graphite plate chassis.

Now the RX is on the right side to make it easier to get the battery in and out. Also added purple rod ends for more color.

Another shot of the chassis.

Closeup of the steering servo with the RX mounted on top. Notice the purple aluminum servo mount with built in transponder holder.

Closeup of the front end suspension.

Another angle of the front end suspension.

Closeup of the rear end suspension.

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