May 25,2001
Officially Retired| 11:00 PM-By Qwiglee
NIL8 is truly officially retired this time for real. I have been out of the clan since March so I don't know the details of what went wrong on the second go 'round. I had some fun in the 6 months that I played and I will always remember those first few months after I joined when NIL8 was still very strong. So many great players were in this clan then that when I think back its amazing we didn't do better although we did hold a few titles. Most NIL8 members are either in tF, FOoM or retired. GG to everyone.

April 24,2001
Back Into Action| 11:00 AM-By VeNoM
Here we go again, 2 months after our last scheduled match vs. CO we have returned back into action. Recruiting was annoying and tiresome yet we prevailed and now we stand strong with a roster of 13. we are looking for some scrims in the next couple weeks then returning to league play, see you on the battlefield soon.

March 26, 2001
STA win over CO|8:00 PM-By Qwiglee
When the word got out that this was our last match ever, several of the "inactive" members showed up and wanted some action. We brought UncleBadass and hays "King of the Boat" into the D lineup and their presence was a great morale boost for the team. We got ruined on every scrimmage we played on Oppose2k1 and weren't sure how tonight would go but with those 2 skilled soldiers in the mix we tried an all-new D setup and it worked great. CO was very tough on offense but the mighty NIL8 defense managed to pull a shutout on its final match ever! They had a great, tough defense too but our offense was able to squeeze out 3 caps for the 2 rounds to make the final score of our final match 3-0. GG

March 12, 2001
STA loss to FOoM|11:00 PM-By Qwiglee
It was another hard battle but this time FOoM grabbed the win. They did a great job of breaking down our defense and getting in for the grab at the right time. Tonight's action was also covered by gamecast on their live radio broadcast DJ'd by Gunslinga. This added an extra feeling of pressure knowing that "everyone" was listening in live. You can download the complete mp3 of the broadcast here. GG FOoM once again. Final score 40-70

March 11, 2001
IGL win over FOoM|8:30 PM-By Qwiglee
We took a hard-earned win from the MoOF'ers tonight in the IGL. They fought us hard just like we knew they would but our team held strong. We knew they were a strong team and we prepared ourselves for an all-star match and that's what we got. They pulled out the [MoOF] tags for round 2 but we countered that strategy with our own [8LIN] tags and were able to improve our lead by 2 caps to finish the match 80-30. GG FOoM as always. 

March 5, 2001
STA win over CO|10:30 PM-By Qwiglee
We had a match tonight against our old friends from CO. They had beaten us the last 2 times we met but this time we were on a mission. Our mission was to prove that we are back and as strong as ever. Almost every predictor for both IGL and STA had said we would lose our 2 matches this week because we are "rebuilding" or whatever. We hold no ill will towards predictors but obviously we had to prove to them and everyone that we are here to win. The match tonight was fun for all in spite of some antics from CO (probably us too) and a lot of mm1 abuse by both sides. Anyway, we defeated them without too much trouble and scored a victory on our 100th recorded match by a score of 150-10. 

March 4, 2001
IGL win over PF|10:30 PM-By Qwiglee
Wow I have news to report after all this time. We took our 2 weeks off, recruited a bit, got ourselves feeling like a close group again and were ready to face our first test after our vacation. PF and NIL8 have a history of very close matches and tonight was no exception. The end of the first round of Tempest saw both teams tied at 16. The second round started off with both clans getting a cap quickly and then it stood for several minutes. Then each clan started trading points for flag movements one point at a time, then the flag would return. This continued for several more minutes until each clan had one cap plus 3 or 4 points (about 19 points each). Then finally PF got our flag moving and it was out by our water exit and they inched it into the water and everything on our defense started going crazy trying to stop it. We held it in the water for what seemed like forever and mowed down several PF with autocannon and SG. Finally the flag returned and I checked the scoreboard. Holy shit! Our offense had brought home 2 caps while we were fighting to hold the flag in the water! The defense breathed a sigh of relief realizing that the match was in hand and it ended shortly thereafter. Great exciting game PF, once again it was a nail-biter. Final score: 63-37

February 15, 2001
Recruiting Closed|8:30 PM-By Qwiglee
We would like to thank everyone who submitted an application. We are sorry we couldn't recruit everyone because there were a lot of very nice recruits to be had. After some intense tryouts we are happy to announce we have added druidkin to our D lineup.

February 12, 2001
STA loss to CO|8:00 PM-By Qwiglee
Damn, this sucks. Roster...getting thin....must recruit....need players...future...unclear...gasp! GG CO you played great. Final 15-65 (I think)

February 11, 2001
IGL loss to 404|8:00 PM-By Qwiglee
404 took care of us without too much trouble tonight. We fought hard and tried to keep up but they stayed ahead pretty much the whole time throughout both rounds. GG 70-115

February 5, 2001
STA loss to CSI|8:30 PM-By Qwiglee
This was a nail-biter to be sure. First round I think both teams were settling into a fairly new map and were just testing their tactics. Ended 30-10 for NIL8. Second round both clans seemed to gain some confidence on offense and started breaking through more consistently with spectacular effect. This round ended 70-45 for CSI bringing the total to 80-75 and a win for CSI.

February 4, 2001
IGL win over ][|9:30 PM-By Qwiglee
Fun match tonight with ][. They were unable to field a full 10 man roster for both rounds so we had a considerable advantage from the beggining and througout. Once again our fatties won the day and proved to be too much for ][ to handle, especially while Pablo is racking up 147 kills in one round. Phoneman grabbed the other autocanon and lended a hand by ONLY getting 74 kills. ;-) Yes we only had 2 fatties....oh and I think some other people were playing too and they probably did good.

January 29, 2001
STA loss to CNBL|8:30 PM-By Qwiglee
Well, well, well we are certainly in agreement that tempest_r sucks just as bad as the previous version. We battled CNBL tonight for the Platinum title in STA. First round our D held solid only allowing the one cap by CNBL's scout rush and then shutting them down after that. Our offense was having trouble cracking CNBL's wall of D. Second round we got more desperate and sent our 2 engies to offense after they built their guns but that allowed CNBL to sneak 3 caps out this round while our offense was shutout again. GG, cya next time.

January 21, 2001
IGL win over IKK|9:00 PM-By [NIL8]QWIGLEE
We played a mean match of canalzon last night. Our 2 fatties were so tough tonight that IKK thought we had 5. It was a good test of our canalzon skill and we look forward to playing it again next week.

January 15, 2001
STA win over NULL|9:00 PM-By [NIL8]QWIGLEE
We battled Null last night on Darkness in our first match of the new STA season. They took round 1 by a score of 6-2 but NIL8 rallied in the second round with a score of 12-4. GG NULL it was fun.

January 14, 2001
IGL loss to SD|9:00 PM-By [NIL8]QWIGLEE
Lost a tough match to SD on the Well. Our offense had a tough time getting into the SD flag room and their offense was able to steal a few caps each round. Final score: 0-6.

December 19, 2000
STA loss to CNBL|11:00 PM-By [NIL8]QWIGLEE
Lost to Cannibal last night by some score on cz2; can't seem to find a write-up anywhere yet but I can tell you that the margin each round was in their favor by 20-40 points. Both times it was pretty close throughout until a late spurt by CNBL totally did us in. All in all we did play pretty well, just not well enough! Good game, Cannibals. No more matches until the year two thousand one, happy holidays to all.

December 18, 2000
IGL win over PF|11:00 PM-By [NIL8]QWIGLEE
Nifty win last night over PF to defend our Ironglove TFC title. Map was scrummage, and just like a couple weeks ago on pipezone we ended up splitting rounds with the Flow: 114-178 first, 186-91 second. In the end it's the boys with calculators who figure everything out, and I'm told they pegged the final result as 300-269 in our favor. This is our fifth consecutive win in IGL, and we hope to start a similar streak tonight in STA against CNBL. GL to all!

December 10, 2000
IGL win over CSI|11:00 PM-By [NIL8]QWIGLEE
we played CSI for the IGL title on scrummage tonight, and had a good go of it; final score in our favor 488-194 or so. nice match everyone! STA bye this week but we jump back into action next sunday with a title defense against Pyroclastic Flow. on scrummage. w00t!

December 5, 2000
STA loss to SC|10:00 PM-By [NIL8]QWIGLEE
We had our nice little win streak come to an end against Shadow Company on 2fort last night; 0-2, 0-5: 0-7. Just couldn't quite manage to get a good handle on their flag, nice job on defense SC. cz2 is next in STA, which should be a much more enjoyable experience.

December 4, 2000
IGL win over FEAR|11:30 PM-By [NIL8]QWIGLEE
Another nifty win on pipezone in IGL action, this time a tough game against FEAR. Total score was around or about 468-395, but would have been closer if FEAR had been able to keep nine in for the last 8? or so minutes. Nice game to all; next week we face off against the Crowbar Swinging Idiots for the title on scrummage. Should be interesting. Special props out to recent birthday boy NightStalker, who returns to the active lineup in grand fashion.

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