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March 18, 2003 - 2:10pm pst
I have added a gallery for my R/C hobby. It show pics of my HPI Pro 3 Electric touring car and the bodies that I have painted for it.

December 26, 2002 - 9:00am pst
Added a link to my latest website project. Rage of Valhalla is my Dark Age of Camelot guild. This site is by far my most favorite in terms of style and function. I have taken my newly acquired knowledge of PhP & mySQL and created a nice administrator page which allows a person with no html skill to post news to the news page and also to update and manage the roster page. The guild in the game is based within a realm that has roots in Norse mythology. I used an actual Viking rune font set and created some nice graphics for the site. The company that created the game provides an XML feed for many things such as server status, guild stats and in-game information about spells and attacks. I am currently in process of incorporating these into this site to create even more dynamic content. I am very excited to work on this site because it is giving me an opportunity to learn several new programming languages such as PhP, XML and mySQL.

May 29, 2001 - 11:50pm pst
I have added links above to all the sites which I am hosting or displaying here. The only ones that aren't quite working correctly yet are the "" site and the "Murder Death Kill" site. Those sites were all done with heavy Frontpage 98 extensions and utilities so they didn't copy very well. I will try and fix that soon so they display properly.

I added several pieces of artwork to the art page and will add more soon. These are examples of graphics I have created for use on websites that I have created.

May 28, 2001 - 7:00pm pst
Welcome to the brand new site I created for my own personal stuff. I like a clean and neat site without a lot of clutter and flashy scripts and this is what I have here. I mainly use this site to store files that I create so that they can be easily retrieved and/or shown to others. I like to mess around with HTML a lot and try new designs and graphics and this will be a place for me to showcase those creations. Also I am hosting up a few other sites here and may add more in the future. & are hosted and created by me so I keep them around.
9/12/2011 Note: The domain name is now owned by some asshole who likes to send threatening e-mails about this blog post from over 10 years ago. I would definitely NOT like to take credit for designing his butt-ugly website. Old Clan-hoa was originally designed by []HoA[]E-TYPE and then I took over and spruced it up. I was formerly a member of each of these clans which played Half-Life TFC.



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